Airpods Pro 3

  • 10 July 2020

Air podding Air PRO 3 With The premium Headphones Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone with the Stereo Bass Earbuds Headset For All your Smart Phone.

1.You can listen any song,making call with your mobile,talk in calling with this air pods.

2. you can call last calling number and you can pair with this air pods on any mobile phone. you can also receive or cut the call which is coming on your smart phone.

3. you just connect this air pods with your mobile only one time after that you just turn on the air pods and turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone after this headset is connect with your phone automatically.

4.Intelligent compatibility of this headset is that it is Support all mobile the smartphones with Bluetooth function, tablet, notebook, etc. which is good for any users.

5.this air pods is Support ios 13.2 above popup system. so you don't worry if you are ihone users. this headset Bluetooth 5.0 system is installed so that is gives you best connectivity.

7.this headset gives you best sensor in this ear pods.

so you can easy control to this ear pods. you should just touch the ear pods and then you can see the result.

8. Rename and GPS positioning is giving in this smart devise.

9.3 Real Battery Window is comes with this amazing air pods. get the touch response in this air pods.

11. the audio quality is really good and it is too much loud in this air pods.

12. bass quality is also good in this which gives you better experience in sound listen.

13.when you are remove air pods from the case it is automatically start and when you put air pods in case it is automatically turn off. which is good for the buyer. can play previous song or also play next song through the touch response.

15.the battery life is awesome which gives you around to 6 hours continuous.

Product Information:

Technical information:

1. Product weight: 5 to 6 g.

2. Working time: about 2.5-3 hours.

3. Standby time: 200 h

4. Charging time: 1-1.5 hours.

5. Single earphone battery capacity: 35 mAh.

6. Charger Box Betty: 300 mAh.

7. Wireless distance: 12 m.

8. Compatible smart phones: this air pods are compatible with all types of smartphone like android,ios and windows too. so that is good for any type of smartphone users.

You can buy this air pods from the aliexepress

The price of the air pods 10.65 $

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