Green Laser

  • 10 July 2020

EXSESON company Green Multipurpose Laser Light for the Disco Pointer Pen Lazer Beam with the Adjustable Antena Cap to the Change Project Design for Presentation

• This is the most powerful green laser with the star pattern head.

• You can use this laser on your powerpoint project and use to point to your desired target. which is good for the office work.

• Remember it is simple pen of the laser you can not wright on any paper through this pen.

• This laser is more than 50% powerful than other laser pointer.

• The light of laser you can point to any photo,pdf,black board and also video monitor.

• In this laser there are 2* AAA batteries are required for the light.

• If you should not use full power batteries than light of laser is not working properly.

• The light is goes to around 100 to 200 meter if your batteries are new. • The material which is used in the laser is too good.

• You can gift this pen to your friend or family memebers too.

• With the pattern head of the light you can make different type of pattern on your wall like shawing in the picture.

• For the making pattern you just slide head of the light and you can see the best design.

• You can use this pattern on your disko party and it gives you batter experience.

• Include with the box: 2* AAA batteries,laser light,head for the light.

Product information:

Technical Details:

i. Brand : EXSESON

ii. Model Number : 54786

iii. Colour : Multi Color

iv. Size : Medium

v. Manufacturer Part Number : 65816

the price of this laser pointer is 399 INR

you can replace this laser pointer in 10 days.

rating for this pen is 3.5 out of 5 in amazon.

you can shop this product from the amazon from here.

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