• 10 July 2020

RGB Lighting Kit:

• If you are a gamer or you love lighting then we brought this lighting kit for you. absolutly you must be like this kit.

• And you also like the professional photography,watcjing movies,reading books and alsol ike functons like the party you can arrange this lighting kit at your home.

• You can set it on your bed,reading table,top wall and many more..

• You can change the look of the lighting like the atmosphere of your home.

• This kit has many features like you can change its color with your voice.

• Beacause of the many types of the color are included in this lighting kit anytime change the color.

• This lighting kit is also support google assistant and alexa and many more.

• So when you give voice command to your voice assistant and it can change color.

• This kit has also one more feature which is you can use wifi on your mobile for changing color of lights.

• You can also change the color of the kit with its remote and the remote is included with this product.

• On wifi enable no anytypes fees are included.

• You can also control this kit throught the its application which is smart life you can download this application from the google play store.

• With thus lighting kit there is one year warranty is included for the controller and adaptor.

Product information:

Technical Details:

i. Size: 5 Mtr RGB+WW Kit

ii. Color: Warm White

iii. Item Weight: 399 g

iv. Package Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 5 cm

v. Shipping Weight: 399 Grams

vi. Item Part Number: HMRGB

vii. Capacity: 5 Mtr RGB+WW Kit

The price for this lights is given below side:

• 5 meter RGB kit: 2,780 INR

• 5 meter RGB + CW kit: 3,790 INR

• 5 meter RGB + WW kit: 3,790 INR

• 10 meter RGB kit: 3,890 INR

• 10 meter RGB + CW kit: 5,990 INR

• 10 meter RGB + WW kit: 5,990 INR

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