Smart & Digital locks

  • 10 July 2020

Okos company Fingerprint Lock with the Bluetooth connetivity. it Support Metal IP65 and it is Waterproof Smart Padlock Lock with the USB Charging for your Home Security and Luggage Security.

• Here, this is lock which is open with your fingerprint.

• You can also control this padlock from the your smart device.

• The build quality of this product is very good and it looks like the original key lock.

• How to use: you just put finger on the lock an lock is open immendiately. you can open this smart lock with your smartphone via:wi-fi.

• You just download application for this smart lock which is easy available on the android and ios. You can download this application from the google play store or you can scan the code from the product box and download this application.

• This lock is also waterproof so you can use this smart lock at anywhere.

• This padlock needs charging so you must be charge this padlock and the battery backup for this padlock is very high.

• The charger is comes with this padlock product box.

• This padlock is very durable and looks good.

• This padlock has steel body so it can protect your loc from the rain.

• Uses: you can use this lock for your home security and also use for the luggage security.

• The weight of this padlock is too low so you have no issu for the carry this padlock during travelling.

Product Description:

I. Body : Stainless Steel

II. Waterproof : Yes

III. Wifi Connectivity : Yes

IV. Application : Nokelock

V. Product include in box : Fingerprint lock,user mannual,charger

VI. Price : 2,600 INR

VII. Return policy : 30 days return policy is available.

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